About Me

After graduating high school I spent a few years exploring the opportunities life had to offer; I've been a stand up comic, managed a theatre, and traveled. Eventually I was introduced to programming and found what I was looking for. During my first session writing Ruby I spent over an hour painstakingly trying to find a logical error in my code only to realize I was missing a comma. Frustrating as it was, I realized that I wanted to try again, and after "trying again" enough times I found The Iron Yard. I have carried that enthusiasm forward to all the projects and technologies I have worked with, and I am excited to continue learning and advancing my skills!


  • Ruby on Rails
  • Node/Express.js
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • Regular Expressions
  • HTML
  • Git/Github

Recent Work


Prism is an incredible app that compiles all of your bills in a single, convienient hub on your smartphone or tablet. It gives you the option to review, manage, and pay bills within the app at anytime.

Built using C#, Axure


HarborGood is a wonderful startup project all about giving to charity. They give people the ability to be a philanthropist like no other organization. You can donate or purchase unused items to support the charity of your choice. You can even support your cause by donating or hiring services you can offer to others in your community!

Built using Ruby on Rails, Postgres, and bootstrap!


Currently in the middle of a rebranding, Levelset is a web application that projects budget estimation and risk evaluation for software projects at a drastically reduced time compared to other tools of the same caliber.

Built using Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, and CSS/SCSS/SASS.


Totspot is an app that makes planning kids birthdays or hangouts easy for parents.

A fullstack app using Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, and MySQL. It uses devise and cancan for authorization and authentication, and includes Google Maps to easily locate each venue.


SpaceGhosts is a classic game of player vs all in the fight to destroy the alien spaceships.

Built with 2 team members and written entirely in JavaScript using the engine Phaser, SpaceGhosts was made in just 18 hours for the Sparc hackathon event. Collect weapon powerups and shields to test your might as the ghostly spaceship and destroy your enemy!

Hospital Tracker

An application that that keeps track of patients accross multiple hospitals and stores the patients general information as well as their medications.

This app is built with Ruby on Rails, using jQuery for pagination and Ajax to load forms without refresh. Equipped with a working search function and workflow states for patients.

Projects In The Works

Alchemy and Photography

Alchemy and Photography is a website giving new artists and photographers the ability to show off their work and get some recognition. In a world with so much innovation it's hard to create something original, so when a talented young artist or photographer does I wanted them to have a place to show it off!

Built using Node/Express.js, MySQL, Passport, and EJS.

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